Freshney Pelham Care Ltd provides a comprehensive range of Community Nursing Care Services including

  • Complex assessment of health needs
  • Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluating needs of patients and their carers in their own homes. This may include actual or potential health and nursing problems.
  • Wound care assessment- surgical, leg ulcers, skin flaps
  • Acute or chronic disease management e.g. Diabetes, IHD, COPD
  • Health promotion Health checks, immunisation programmes within the patients home
  • Palliative and terminal care
  • Promotion of self-care whenever possible
  • Administration of treatment using specialist nursing equipment and medication
  • Assessment and prescribing of appropriate equipment to facilitate care in the patients home and manage risks and prevent complications to patients and staff
  • Assessment and treatment of incontinence and bowel care
  • Initiating and coordinating care including referrals to other agencies
  • Diagnose, treat and prescribe from the nurse formulary as appropriately trained
  • Pressure area care, with emphasis on prevention
  • Rehabilitation following how to start a self reflection paper an episode of ill health
  • Medication- Management of PICC lines, Hickman lines, syringe drivers
  • Parental and enteral feeding
  • Ear care
  • Fall management
  • Palliative Care- Terminal Care to work within the Gold Standards Framework
  • Referring/ Sign posting to other services
  • Referrals from: Self referrals, family and carers, Acute hospital, primary care, social care
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Administering: Insulin,B12, Zolodex, eye drops,get more information vaginal creams
  • Referrals are categorised as:
    • Urgent, where contact is necessary within four hours
    • Non urgent, with contact established within 24 hrs and a visiting date agreed
    • Routine, with contact made within 48 hrs and a visiting date agreed

We are committed to review the services provided regularly and at least annually

The needs of our patients and their families guide our nursing care.

We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes respect, positive communication, and collaboration among all members of the patient family and healthcare team.

We are dedicated to serving the population of Freshney Pelham Care Ltd and all who come to us for care, honouring their unique and diverse needs.

The ethos of the company means that nurses have a greater input in the decision making process.